– Book Trailers For Readers (Selected Exemplars)

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The following trailers were either produced or selected by Michele Harclerode, Teacher Librarian at Diplomat Elementary School in Cape Coral, Florida.

She also has posted several selected entries created by her students on the Newbie’s Page. Most are SYRA winners.

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About 90% of all the book trailers found on our site were created by students… either undergraduate and graduate college students, or those submitted by K-12 students. Michele’s site consists of those she produced herself, and those by her students over the years. She also provides links on You Tube to many trailers done by authors of the selected books. Those provided below were reviewed for content and are exemplars of those that include live footage and re-enactments of scenes, a major criterion we use to select trailers for our site. Each trailer posting is identified by a ‘Book Trailer for Readers’ tag above the trailers.

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