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The following trailers on the main site were produced by Circle of Seven Productions.

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Sheila English has been involved with producing book trailers for over 12 years and holds the trademark for the term Book Trailer and Book Teaser. We use the term book trailers with permission from our good friend with whom we share her dedication to inspiring young readers for over a decade.

About 90% of all the book trailers found on our site were created by students… either undergraduate and graduate college students, or those submitted by K-12 students. Sheila’s site provide those she produced herself, and by other professionals in the video production world. She also provides links on You Tube to many trailers as well as several blogs and cross-listings of other areas of interest. The ones we provide on this site were reviewed for appropriate content and are exemplars of those that include live footage and re-enactments of scenes, a major criterion we use to select trailers for our site. Each trailer posting is identified by a ‘Circle of Seven’ tag above the trailers.

TrailerGenreContent LevelLexileHobbies & Interests

FantasyHigh School/Young Adult740LScience Fiction

Thirteenth Princess
FantasyMiddle School850LMagic Fiction
Priceless: A Novel on the Edge of the WorldAdventureMature ReadingNPSuspense

Heading Home
RomanceHigh School/Young AdultNPDrama

Chessie Bligh
FantasyMiddle School 640LMagic Fiction

Billionaire's Curse
AdventureHigh School/Young Adult690Mystery

All That Is Red
FantasyHigh School/Young AdultNPCultures

Here I Am
AdventureElementary (4+)NPCultures

Vesper: A Deviants Novel
FantasyHigh School/Young Adult860LScience Fiction

In a Fix
FantasyHigh School/Young AdultNPSuspense

Chasing Brooklyn
FantasyHigh School/Young Adult510LMystery

Science FictionHigh School/Young AdultNPMystery

RomanceHigh School/Young Adult840LComing of Age

Last Martin, The
Science FictionMiddle School735LMystery

Karma Club
DramaHigh School, Young Adult840LComing of Age

FantasyHigh School, Young AdultNPMystery

Limit, The
FantasyMiddle SchoolNPScience Fiction

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