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About Elise Leonard

Elise was a successful teacher of inner-city kids for over 20 years before starting her writing career. She now lives in Florida.

About the Project

Her books are attracting national and international attention for focusing exclusively on beginning readers with appropriate content for middle and high school students. All her books can be found on her official Web Site.

  • The project was the creation of the Media Specialist and Reading Coach at Lakeview Middle School. They had been quite successful introducing digital booktalks to their gifted and regular classrooms and wanted to experiment with emerging and reluctant readers. The results were nothing short of spectacular.
  • For many of these students it was the first time they had ever started and completed a book!!
  • The videos are all done in the words of and edited by the students. No attempt has been made to doctor them up. What you are seeing is the actual products that these students created.
  • While they may have some technical shortcomings (for many, it was their first experience shooting and editing video), the looks on their and their parent’s faces and ‘high fives’ they exchanged at the Premier Night made them ‘Academy Award’ winning!

Our Trailers from this Series

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