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How to Submit Your Trailer

Once you become a registered subscriber, you can request that we post your trailers.

The trailers will be accepted into one of two categories:

Accepted Book Trailers® will be placed into one of two categories:

  1. Student Contributions – Located on the main site, this category is for those Book Trailers® which fit all the criteria spelled out in our conception of a digital Book Trailer®.
  2. Newbie’s Contributions Corner – Positioned on a special page, this category highlights school programs that have adopted the Book Trailer® concept.

In both cases videos are reviewed for appropriateness, copyrights, etc., and a decision will be made typically within 36-48 hours. Click here to view the criteria used to evaluate your submission.

 Please note that we assume you are taking responsibility for controlling copyright issues with your trailers. Please understand that we would have to remove the posting, should we be notified of a violation. Thanks in advance for understanding.  Enjoy!

Submitting your Request
Uploading the trailer is a three -step process:

Follow this three -step process for uploading your Book Trailer®:

  1. Subscribe and log in.
  2. After logging in, return to this page. The area under the divider bar below shows a link to the Submission Request.
  3. Submit the request for review. If appropriate, we will send you will receive an email with instructions to upload.

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