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How to Use This Page

The Trailers On this Page are Sorted by Hobbies/Interest Tags

Have you ever selected a book based on a cool cover? That’s how many kids, just like you, discover a good book. Sometimes finding an interesting book can be a bit like a scavenger hunt—friends may steer you to their favorite titles; booksellers may recommend their bestsellers, and knowledgeable librarians and media specialists can help you hone in on specific authors, categories, or series.

Another effective path to finding the right book is by following your personal interests. Do you have a passion for skateboarding, cooking, or deep sea diving? Maybe you would like to see how other teens handle peer pressure or the challenge of moving to a new school. Perhaps you would like to escape to a different time period, fascinating foreign country, or imaginary galaxy.

Unlike standard categories used in libraries that organize books based on stylistic criteria, the listing of interests/hobbies on this page can be used to individualize the book selection process so you can quickly find books that will appeal to your specific interests and start flipping the pages!

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