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City of Ember
by Jeanne DuPrau

Ember… It is a city without knowledge of anything beyond its walls; no one knows what’s out there and everyone is afraid to find out. With the electricity generated by the ancient generator ready to fail at any moment, Ember’s light is about to be snuffed out; the street lamps are the only remaining light source they have. The supplies stocked centuries earlier by the “Builders” are running scarce. The domed city meant to protect the last remaining humans on Earth is now on its last living thread. Lina and Doon have lived in this world their entire lives. They know that there is something better out there for them; they just are not sure what it is yet.

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Centuries ago, a document entrusted to the first major of Ember was thought to be lost until Lina finds a mangled paper (believed to be from the “Builders”) with instructions on how to escape the city of eternal darkness. Lina and Doon believe that this ancient paper with the “Instructions for Egress” will lead them to another world that they have only seen in their dreams. These practically indecipherable instructions send them on a dangerous mission into the dark unknown to find what they believe must exist: an exit door to salvation.

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680L Middle School 270 Fantasy 2003 0375822739

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