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Start of a New Dan - Elise Leonard Series

About Elise Leonard:

Elise was a successful teacher of inner-city kids for over 20 years before starting her writing career. She now lives in Florida.

About This Book:

START OF A NEW DAN is the first book of the Junkyard Dan series.


Published: 2008. All the books in this series are 100 pages (+/-). Contains approximately 10,500 words. ISBN: 978-0-9815694-0-6. All books are Lexile 1 & 2


Dan Corbett was a powerful man. He had it all. Money. Power. Respect. Big house. Nice cars. Beautiful wife. But then Dan got the note. And at that moment, the reason for Dan’s entire life was gone. So Dan leaves it all. Just walks away. Becomes a new Dan. Living a nice, peaceful life. A simple life. Or so he thought.


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