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Information Literacy Pre and Post tests

“Creating a community of avid readers, one video at a time©

Information Literacy Pre- and Post-Tests

Information literacy is an important part of Common Core and the concept of the so-called ‘new literacies‘ (see also New Literacies and the Common Core).

We will be developing several lessons plans to help you tie digital booktalk trailers into those requirements. In the meantime, we offer you some pre and post tests so you can estavblish a baseline with your students:

For Grades 3-5:
Pre-Post Test
Pre-Post Test Answer Key

For Grades 6-8:
Post Test
Pre Test Answer Key
Post Test Answer Key

For more information on Information Literacy, please visit our sister site.

Graphic Novels

“Creating a community of avid readers, one video at a time©

Graphic Novels

The following Set of Plans and supplemental materials were prepared by Dr. Sandra Agle. We have posted them here as an example of what can be done to integrate Digital Booktalk into the Common Core Curriculum. These may be used by K-12 teachers for instructional purposes only and are covered under Creative Commons license.

Dr. Agle has done extensive research into alternative methods to incorporate technology initiatives into the curriculum of Common Core Standards. She has been asked to present these strategies in several symposiums held across the state of Florida. One of the 10 lesson plans being discussed by Dr. Agle is Grades 4-8 Graphic Novels. She includes a lesson strategy to utilize website evaluation techniques to integrate knowledge and ideas by evaluating multiple sources of information in different media or formats – a Common Core standard.

Here are links to the lesson and supplemental materials:

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